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Georgina Hall

Brainspotting Consultant Learn more about me ->

Malachy Coleman

Brainspotting Consultant +33 688884391 Learn more about me ->

Matt Healey

Brainspotting Consultant in Training Learn more about me ->

Monika Gos

Brainspotting Consultant +44 741 800 4343 Learn more about me ->

Sarah Bashford

Brainspotting Consultant 07932 243254

Una Archer

Brainspotting Consultant in Training Learn more about me ->

International Supervisors

To undertake consultation with an international Consultant, please see list on the international Brainspotting Website.

Group Consultation

Our Sublime Sessions are a great opportunity to meet within the oneness of like-minded people using Brainspotting in their areas of specialty for a deep co-consultation process. The group is lovingly facilitated by the Psychologist and Brainspotting trainer, Mark Grixti to further develop your confidence and creativity in the theory, technique and transcendence in healing.

When we mindfully remove some of the parameters that have restricted the full power of natural healing, we seek to allow and enhance the unobstructed divinity of being a person and the limitless capabilities therein.  When we have a group that can convene to embody these values then the power is amplified to create something exciting, unique, inspirational, liberating and simply divine.

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