Phase 4

  • Three days of advanced, evolved, innovative training in Brainspotting taught by Dr David Grand through power point lecture, live demonstrations and the embodied learning of participant practicums.
  • David Grand will also present three different advanced Brainspotting techniques: Dreamspotting, The Expansion Model and Bodyspotting.
  • Moment-by-moment video analyses of client sessions covering advanced Brainspotting theory and techniques followed by highly interactive discussions and Q&A
  • International accredited certification
  • Training is fully credited towards CPD hours and certification

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  • Trainings are valid internationally
  • Phase 4 provides advanced techniques taught by the founder David Grand

    About phase 4 training

    This is an advanced, evolved, innovative training in Brainspotting. This training presents three video analyses of client sessions conducted by Dr David Grand and those submitted by training participants.

    David will introduce three new advanced Brainspotting techniques plus Identify more effectively how to set the Brainspotting Frame with clients and how to conceptualise each case, each session to meet the client’s stated goals more directly, while applying the Uncertainty Principle more effectively to enhance both attunement and results with clients.

    By the end of this incredible 3 day training you will…

    Have a greater knowledge, experience and understanding of Brainspotting and its phenomenal capabilities and be able to utilise the following new techniques to take straight into your practice

    Dream spotting

    Examine Dream Spotting with your clients in order to resolve the deep, unconscious memories chronic PTSD nightmares hold. Step-by-step instructions are given. Use Dream Spotting with confidence, you will experience the power and efficacy of Dream-Spotting by watching a demonstration and doing a session as the “therapist” and receiving one as the “client”.

    The Expansion model

    Utilise Expansion Brainspotting for fragile clients who are too compromised to go directly to the traumas wreaking havoc on their lives. Evaluate Expansion Brainspotting to help your clients step into desired states of being in their lives such as more joy or more stillness.


    Learn how to use “Bodyspotting” with clients with injuries and strong somatic disturbances to heal trauma held in the body, mind, and Spirit.

    upcoming trainings

    Phase 1

    Oct 18 - Oct 20, 2024
    Online - Live
    • Friday - Sunday
    • 10:00 am - 06:00 pm BST
    • via Zoom
    £ 520 £ 490
    Early Bird Discount: 10% until Sep 18, 2024

    Phase 2

    Nov 08 - Nov 10, 2024
    Online - Live
    • Friday - Sunday
    • 10:00 am - 06:00 pm GMT
    • via Zoom
    £ 520 £ 490
    Early Bird Discount: 10% until Oct 16, 2024

    All you need to know

    Do I need to complete Phase 2 or Phase 3 before Phase 4?

    you must complete Phase 1 training before signing up for other phases. However, all Brainspotting Phase trainings are counted towards your certification.


    What can I do to continue my learning journey after completing Phase 4

    Will this training count towards my certification?

    Training Feedback

    “I have had a wonderful and uplifting experience over these these days. Mark and the team were so easy to work with. I felt supported and held in all of the training. Thank you”

    I was very impressed by the amount of support we were all given over the weekend. How many BSP professionals we were able to reach out to - should we need to - and the active participation each one of the trainers made in terms of involvement and sharing of information via "chat" over the 3 days.

    “It has been an honour to watch humans heal themselves and get out of the way – my own way too. Finding another practice that is based in science and the human experience, but from the angle of not knowing has been heart warming”

    “I found myself more attuned as a therapist at the beginning and middle of the course and more attuned to myself by the end. I feel my work will be enhanced by the use of Brainspotting and my self care also”