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Dr. Mark Grixti

Dr. Mark Grixti

UK and International Brainspotting Trainer

Mark is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, systemic therapist and EMDR consultant based in Sussex, United Kingdom.

Mark is an experienced UK and International Brainspotting Trainer and Brainspotting Practitioner. His work in the field spans all ages and both online and in person approaches, all of which he brings to BSPUK Trainings. He is also an experienced Consultant in Brainspotting offering consultation also known as supervision, including online group consultation, which is popular for its richness in theory, diversity and its clinical application.

He is qualified and experienced in both child therapy and adult therapy. Mark specialises in attachment, abuse, and complex trauma. He is a university lecturer, facilitates group programs and supervises Clinical Psychologists and therapists from related disciplines.

He also provides consultation to Health, Education, Media and Social Care institutions. Mark’s humanitarian work includes consultation to psychiatrists and therapists providing therapeutic support to Syrian refugees in camps based on the Syrian/Turkish border.

Mark was trained by David Grand, the founder and leader of Brainspotting, and following advanced trainings and consultations, David appointed Mark as UK Brainspotting trainer and coordinator.

Some reflections on Mark’s initial introduction to Brainspotting:

When I was first trained with David, in London, I remember arriving with an excitement about this new approach called Brainspotting that I had heard some intriguing things about.

At that point, I had numerous trainings on top of my core Clinical Psychology training and had for some time been moved by the way that EMDR had taken my work to a new level of effective deep processing and healing.

Yet I was searching for something more, something that offered greater attunement with the client and was free from some of the frustrating and limiting elements that are so common in many therapeutic approaches and techniques.

I realised pretty early on in the Brainspotting training that I was in the right place. Therapeutic limitations were gently deconstructed and the limits of a type of programming seen in therapy so often was recognised, creating a wonderful felt sense of relief, excitement and liberation.

The obstructions of fear and even guilt that come with therapeutic doctrines were discussed and debated creating an open space within which I began to appreciate how I could really increase my attunement with my clients and help them to meet their full potential and inner healing through this exceptional attachment.

Reminding me of Alan Schore’s sentiments in The Science of the Art of Psychotherapy, “attachment trauma was originally relational, and so the healing must be relational, a mutual process”.

Some of Mark's Published Work

Brainspotting for young people: An adventure into the mind

Mark’s enchanting illustrated book introducing and explaining the use of Brainspotting Therapy in a family friendly way

The Power Of Brainspotting: An International Anthology

Mark is also a contributing author in a book in anthropology on the power of Brainspotting

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Training Feedback

“There is something about Mark’s calm, grounded, open presence that really helped with the co-regulation.”

“Mark and his team were able to set up the right framework for us to feel safe AND adventurous.”

“Mark is a really good teacher and trainer; calm, patient, engaged, knowledgeable and it was really easy to follow him in the theoretical and practical part”

“Thank you Mark for the immense kindness you inspire and thank you to the whole team.”