Some Words From Participants on BSPUK Trainings

“The course was amazing – full of energy and possibilities and empowerment. I loved the demos and practicums which made everything come alive and brought the group into a shared experienced which I found very powerful – thank you, fantastic course – life changing”
Phase 1 Online

“I absolutely loved the training…from the first morning to the end today, the practice felt like home to me. I’m looking forward to learning and practicing more. Thank you Mark, the team and all the participants for making this a wonderful experience”.
Phase 1 Online

“I truly have nothing more to say except thank you for being there, thank you for your kind, affectionate, encouraging way of doing things. Excellent training”
Gestalt-therapist and EMDR practitioner

“Enjoyed that there were so many diverse practitioners and the feeling of respect and support not just from the participants but also from the team”
Private Practitioner, Mental Health Counselor

“I found the training to be inspirational … Mark is very enthusiastic and filled with positive energy, and as such very striking with lots of experience to boot. This assisted my desire to know more. I feel confident that I will introduce it into my practice and also add value to my use of EMDR as a psychotherapeutic intervention”

“I found the demonstrations really powerful, as well as my own experience of being a client. I feel like I have processed a lot this weekend. I like the resource model particularly, found it really helpful”

“A very welcome sense of this being a step further towards the ‘therapeutic’ and ‘spiritual’ coming together”

“I loved the human aspect. I enjoyed listening to Mark who makes things simple and accessible. I also enjoyed the fact the from all over the world we were together”
Phase 2 Online

Brainspotting Phase 3

“It’s been a real privilege to have been able to join. It feels like the team has a very warm open relaxed connection and I feel really sort of carried along the way. Thank you so much. This method is awesome and the resonance and warmth of heart jumps straight from the screen”
Phase 2 Online

“Honestly, this has been one (if not the best) training experience in my professional history. Absolutely amazing. I can’t thank you enough for your time, professionalism, gentleness and delivery. I will be back for Phase 2. Brilliant team, brilliant training”

“I really enjoyed how well organised the training was and how, somehow, we all came together as a group of 48 on Zoom very quickly. There is something about Mark’s calm, grounded, open presence that really helped with the co-regulation”.

“I loved the course, it is amazing, the mind body connection is phenomenal. Thank you Mark for the immense kindness you inspire and thank you to the whole team”.
Phase 1 Online

“Such a transformational experience and amazing presentation, feel very privileged to have heard everyone’s process and shared mine. Thank you”
Phase 1 Online

“I wish I’d been introduced to this ages ago! Has opened my mind to myself. Really lovely people running the course which makes a huge difference in becoming open really quickly”

“Key messages of ‘less is more’ – wait, wait and wait some more is very helpful for me. I’m aware I often work too hard or talk too much as a therapist. The pace was perfect. It felt as though we were given enough time to ask questions and practice techniques”

“Simply the best training I have ever done. Mark and the team at BSPUK are amazingly approachable and knowledgeable”.
Counsellor/psychotherapist. Phase 2 online

“I felt welcomed, held and always interested. Quality of teaching and support the best I have ever experienced. I already feel part of an ongoing evolving and supportive community, excited to be taking what I have learned out into the world”

“A brilliant training which has revitalised my belief in the client having all the resources and answers already. Wonderfully experiential – I want to do Phase 2!”

“Very well organised, structured, interesting and useful training. I felt very supported throughout the whole training. All the staff were friendly, welcoming and supportive over the three days. Mark is excellent, without any ego and I get the impression he really wants us to learn this and supports everyone in the process”

“I have had a wonderful and uplifting experience over these these days. Mark and the team were so easy to work with. I felt supported and held in all of the training. Thank you”

“I found this training to be enlightening and inspiring! Thanks so much for bringing it to Manchester. I look forward to Phase 2”

“Thanks so much Mark and team. A fantastic three days.. educational, moving, inspirational, and even a bit of self-healing. I loved it”
Phase 1 Online

“I found myself more attuned as a therapist at the beginning and middle of the course and more attuned to myself by the end. I feel my work will be enhanced by the use of Brainspotting and my self care also”

“A wonderful deep experiential training that will be immediately useful both personally and professionally. I will definitely want to remain in touch with the brainspotting community to keep learning. Thank you so much”

“The staff were wonderful and very giving. It was a safe place to explore something completely new. It feels like the beginning of a new journey”

About Brainspotting

“I have not felt this enthusiastic about a therapy approach for a long time”.
Phase 1 online

“The training was very significant and relevant to the current lockdown. It gave me a real time experience of working with BSP online.” Phase 1 Online

The thing I appreciate most is that it works without naming what is going on for the client.”
Child Psychologist

“It has been an honour to watch humans heal themselves and get out of the way – my own way too. Finding another practice that is based in science and the human experience, but from the angle of not knowing has been heart warming”

“Brainspotting has revolutionised my practice. I have used it daily since my phase one in June 2020. I used the advanced resource model today with a very traumatised client, they we’re able to safely access the trauma and made immense progress”
Counsellor/psychotherapist. Phase 2 online

A revolutionary approach. Wise, effective and validating.”
Clinical Psychologist

“Interesting, rich, clear, touching, mindful – excellent experience.”
Phase 1, Online

“BSP it’s the learning by doing of staying with the uncomfortable”

“Useful to be reminded how incomplete our current understanding of anything to do with the mind actually is”

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